Who we are

Each of our senior partners are recognised as leaders in their field within the New Zealand legal market and our remaining partners have all come from either leading local or international law firms bringing experience on both New Zealand and cross-border transactions.

We pride ourselves on delivering advice that exceeds the quality benchmark set by the major law firms, but that is not the only way in which we seek to set ourselves apart.

We don’t just deliver the best advice; we deliver it when you need it, and we won’t meet you once and then delegate your work to a junior lawyer. Our partners stay involved throughout the project, and are always available to answer questions or just talk things through.

Our aim is not to dream up legal issues to justify our involvement. We focus on the commercial realities, and give you advice that distils complexity into simplicity.

We are not stuck in the old ways of lawyering. We bring energy and a fresh perspective, and are always looking for circuit-breaking ideas that offer you quicker routes to completion.

When necessary, we supplement our core service offerings by collaborating with selected firms and other organisations with which we have established close working relationships and associations to provide the complete spectrum of legal services when required.

For each project we will create a small, specialist team that works with you throughout your project. We don’t have highly leveraged models you might find elsewhere, so we can nearly always deliver what you need more efficiently.

And, most of all, we treat our wide range of clients, both large and small, with the same care and respect - we value our relationships.